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Live Dealer Casino Reviews & Ratings

Finding the perfect casino suited for your every need and desire can be a daunting task. The number of live casinos is astounding, and on the first glimpse, almost all of them look excellent.

Here at LiveCasinoGuru, we have made it our priority to review as many live casinos as possible and pick out the best ones.

Reviewing a casino is more than playing two hands of blackjack and calling it a day.

We start off by making sure that the Casino we recommend is trustworthy and takes good care of the personal information of the players.

After we have made sure that the Casino is legitimate, we look at the Live Casino games and whether they are running smoothly or not.

There is nothing worse than getting disconnected from live roulette table and reconnecting just to see that the number you had been betting on for the whole evening, had appeared while you were away from the table.

The third thing we take into consideration is the bonus offers and promotions.

Bonuses are an excellent way to introduce new players to Live Casino, and most of the live casinos have exclusive bonuses for all the players who keep playing on their site.

Finally, we consider the difficulty level of the casino. We make sure to find the perfect casino for every type of player. Starting from beginner-friendly casinos and going all the way up to professionals.

After reviewing a casino, we give it a rating based on all of the aspects mentioned above.

Scroll down to find out our top picks.


Where to Play Live Casino Games

Choosing the right casino can often be the dealbreaker.

Starting your Live casino journey on a wrong website might ruin the whole experience. It is crucial to find a casino that fits perfectly with your playstyle.

At LiveCasinoGuru we try to make sure that every player finds the right casino.


List of Top Live Dealer Casinos

However, finding the right casino that meets your every need might take quite a lot of time, especially if you are reading all of the reviews and trying to find the perfect fit.

To make your life more comfortable and save you the trouble of going through pages upon pages of reviews, we have compiled a list of best Live Dealer casinos.

Just click on one of the casinos recommended below and start your live casino journey.


Live Casinos for UK Players

Gambling laws in the UK differ a bit from rest of Europe. This means that some of the casinos are available exclusively only for the UK players.

Reading all of the reviews and comparing the bonuses takes a lot of time and energy.

We have done all the hard work, and you get to enjoy the fruits.

We put together a unique list of the best live casinos with exclusive bonuses available for all the UK players.


Live Casinos for Players from Canada

There are many live dealer casinos available for all the Canadian players, which means a whole lot of decision making. To save you from the trouble of going through all of the casinos by yourself, we have compiled a list of best Live casinos out there.

Click on the link below to find out the best Live Casinos and the bonuses they have for you.